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Nuviz HUD is finally ready for the road

HUD stands for Head-Up Display – Let me summarize what is meant with HUD in two sentences – HUDs are showing information via a translucent display. These displays allows the viewer to get information without looking away from the environment or things in front of the viewer. This technic of displaying information on a translucent surface has been used in fighter jets since years. And we see this technology since a while more and more in cars in which the data is projected onto the windshield.

And now there is a HUD device for motorcycle riders.

After years of talk, promises of various start-ups the first-ever Head-Up Display for a motorcycle helmet is finally about to hit the market.

After investing in Skully and losing my money – another crowdfunded project did what they promised the Nuviz HUD is finally ready for the road and ready to ship and at $699 in July 2017

- Let's just hope it's been worth it. And I am more…