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Innovation for retail

Shoppers are more knowledgeable, empowered and connected to each other than ever before. They rely heavily on social media, social shopping, and close collaboration, to conduct pre-purchase research before buying or confirming what and where they want to buy a service or item.
Shoppers expect that retailers understand their needs and creating consistence shopping experiences – wherever and whenever the shopper decided to engage. This implies both physical and digital retail locations.
Meeting customers’ expectations is a top priority for retails. They also have to control costs and improve operating efficiencies. It’s about rolling the top and the bottom together. This requires real time, enterprise wide insides into inventory and a well involved supply chain and multiple fulfillment channels.

New Technologies to solve today’s challenges
To address these challenges retailers have to …
Accelerate their analyticsReal time a granular view of the customer transaction and own operationR…

Visualizing Big Data

Data visualizations are everywhere today. From creating a visual representation of data points to impress potential investors, report on progress, or even visualize concepts for customer segments, data visualizations are a valuable tool in a variety of settings.

Interfaces, applications and devices which provides high utility and usability by focusing on the users and customers’ needs will help everyone – better finding, scanning, understanding, using etc.. And those faster, deeper understandings will lead to greater business agility and a significant competitive advantage moving forward.

It’s all about

And creating

Value ( Empower business and improve user and customer experience )

Tools which provide great visualization-based data don’t just provide attractive dashboards, info graphics or, heat maps. They create business value!

By visualizing information, we turn complex information into a scenery that the user or customer can explore with his eyes, can unders…

You only have stores because there was no Internet ... What you fear will come much faster

During a speech at the annual summit of the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), an industry network of some 400 retailers and big brands from 70 countries, Oliver Samwer  (German brothers Oliver, Marc and Alexander Samwer are among Europe's most successful internet entrepreneurs. German entrepreneurs who founded Alando and Jamba!) said: "You only have stores because there was no Internet, but that does not mean there is a right to have a store," Samwer said, adding that traditional retailers focused too much on older shoppers and not enough on smartphone-savvy youngsters.  "What you fear will come much faster," he warned.
Mobility and autonomy is changing the way business runs. And that’s with a tremendously fast speed. The change from a wired to a wireless world is proving to be almost as radical as the shift from horses to automobiles. (perhaps that’s the reason why I recall the quote by  Henry Ford so often in the last years … "If I’d asked people what they want…

The fast e-commerce growth. Formula 1, not golf.

It’s no secret that the introduction of new technology is rapidly changing life, businesses, and retail . And it’s also no secret that still the mass of business providers and vendors are still confused and irritated what to do – how to figuring out how to use these technologies to their advantage to better understand customers and get ahead of trends and evolution.

Using Online services has reached a crucial tipping point just two of thousand consumers stating they never used an online service or shopped online. Up to 55 % of consumers shop online at least once a month depending on the region. These numbers are demonstrating a major opportunity for retailers who have strategies in place to generate revenue across channels.

No matter who you are or what you do mobile is our and your pivotal factor and element to get ahead. I am sure that you are aware of the devices and services which Amazon launch in the last few days and weeks. In April Amazon introduced Amazon Dash (http://ux4dotc…