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Day Rate Calculation for Freelancer and small teams

As a senior professional I often hear questions like …
‘I am a new designer, IA, consultant, etc.  … and I need to know how much I can charge for my daily or hourly rate.  Should I just charge what others are charging? Is there a reliable approach or method calculating my rate? ‘ The interactive media business is a very competitive area to work in, and indeed very often clients (employer or agency) are trying to set the price.
The daily or hourly rate depends on various factors … General factors The market rateHoliday season (e.g. betweenChristmasandNewYear)Project factorsWhat kind of professional is required – Junior, Senior, Specialist, …What  experience are needed for the job Where is the job located – off-site or on-site – big cities like Paris, London, New York London pays higher hourly rates,For how long is the job or how frequent Does the client (agencies often do) claim working overtime hours (night and weekend work)Is an emergency or a speed job to be doneYour factorsHow experie…