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Facebook's latest 'improvements'

I do not know whether you know it, but Facebook uncovered some major changes last week during their annual f8 conference. 
Facebook opened a next chapter of ‘improvements’ this week. A number of complete new apps will allow Facebook users to enter almost everything they do into the social network — where they are, what they do, what book they're reading and what page they're on or what street they just driving through or what you currently eat (how healthy or balanced your diet is) - that is not very new but the way is different and the options to track these information - more graduated, easier to track and to observe.

The biggest modification, at least that's what I'm hearing / noticed so far, is the introduction of the TIMELINE which will replace a user’s profile with a timeline of events from ‘their Facebook history’ (status updates, photos and all the other things said and done). 
Facebook has extensively worked as a kind of recommendation engine. Up to now we could…