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Discussion - New direction for IAI

The Board of Directors discussed the new direction for IAI. Andrea Resmini, Dan Klyn, Dorian Taylor, and Jeff Parks met recently to share with the community upcoming changes to the IAI that will benefit members and the discipline of Information Architecture globally.
The first of what we hope to become a regular podcast by the IAI board of directors is up and available for download and streaming.

Time of Podcast: 17 minutes 42 seconds

and please visit the IAI site: news

Joy of use

I do not know whether you know it, but the best way to change people's behaviour is by making it joy to do it.
This means the product, application, service or or or is able to give exactly the right kind of service, pleasure and joy what the user is expecting from it. And it´s the joy of reaching my aims and the joy of doing so easily.
The information architecture is in charge of clarity of the information and features, lack of confusion, a short learning curve and the joy of finding.
The designing of the interaction is essential for a successful and overall satisfying experience. So the interaction design has to answer the questions of workflow, logic, clarity, and simplicity of the information.
Visual design is responsible for the clarity of the information and elements, simplicity of tools and features, pleasant or interesting appearance of the interface, the visual hierarchy, and the joy of look and feel.
Accessibility is a common term used to describe how easy it is for …