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Sources of Creative and Design Thinking

I do not know whether you know it, I'm a strong believer that well-wrought product either offline products or interactive products or or or, or what ever and Creative Thinking / Design Thinking in any way, shape or form can have a enormous impact on the world, the people and environment in terms of ... starting with utility, usability, and and ... (right) through to resources.

These are three different speeches of three very different people - since my last article "Walk a while in someone else's shoes: Exploring the Role of C...s" I thought about whether and how in which context I can show you the second speech. Dan Pink gives a brilliant presentation at TED about why rewards don’t work when it comes to generating creative solutions. Actually, rewards sometimes have the opposite effect: reducing creativity. It all comes down to autonomy, mastery and purpose. The first one is by John Cleese - I think we all know him as an great actor, comedian, writer and film produc…

Walk a while in someone else's shoes: Exploring the Role of C...s

I do not know whether you know it, but that came through louder and clearer in the last couple of months and years is the need to reconcile what the involved parties of project wants – the Ps being the Providers, Principals, Producer (companies, enterprise, …) and what the Cs wants – the Consumer, the Customers, Casual - and Commercial User (individual person, users, …); and how we bring them together.
Throughout my work as town planner, IA and UX planner I saw again and again that agencies and departments most often planed for the Ps seldom for the Cs and sometimes for the ghost of something they called “the good design” (hunting awards or just compliments of their trade and profession) .
Sometimes and more and more I am fed up to stress that Design is not Art – Yes sometimes and in some cases the borders are blurred – Design intends to accomplish goals, have to satisfy a set of requirements and at the end it would be great if there is something like the joy of use.
And design thinking …