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Why and why not ... Wireframing

I do not know whether you know it, you can frequently find and read articles how to draw wireframes, hints about software tools to draw wireframes, but articles about the “why” are rarely to find.

I can’t count the number of wireframes I have drawn. And throughout various projects I saw pros and cons – sometimes again and again the same and from time to time new one.

Don’t get me wrong – I believe in the force of wireframes - I like wireframes and they are a powerful communication technique – but as much as I like, use and recommend them in the same way I am skeptical and unconvinced – in these moment I feel “A tremor in the Force”
The main problem is that “average” people don’t understand wireframes – why is that so?
The answer is short and easy – These people can’t read the drawing.
Already in my early years as architect and town-planer I had to realize and to except that third parties are not as familiar in reading and understanding of drawings as professionals are.

As architect I…